“Lights Out”, il nuovo album dei Graveyard

Uscirà il prossimo 26 ottobre per Nuclear Blast “Lights Out“, il terzo album degli svedesi Graveyard, a un anno dal precedente “Hisingen Blues”.

“‘Lights Out’ sums up the feeling of the new album”, ha dichiarato il batterista della band Axel Sjöberg, “and a feeling that we have that these times that we live in are strange times… where no one really sees anything straight or the way they are“.

1 – An Industry of Murder

2 – Slow Motion Countdown

3 – Seven Seven

4 – The Suits, the Law & the Uniform

5 – Endless Night

6 – Hard Time Lovin’

7 – Goliath

8 – Fool in the End

9 – 20/20 (Tunnel Vision)

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